Infinite Sadness…

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While I was struggling with severe mental illness, I wrote. That’s right, I wrote my little heart out because it was a way to make sense of what was going on in my mind. It was also a way of saying stuff that I was pretty sure no one around me would really want to hear. When my therapist or doctor asked me to think about something, the best way for me to do that was to write.

Many years later, when my mind was functioning better I turned all those words into a book, and Infinite Sadness by Catherine (yes, that’s me) Reddell (2009) was born.

Infinite Sadness is admittedly a tough read, but it will let you know that living mental illness is hard work, for everyone. Not just you but your family or whoever supports you. Feedback told me that many who had family members with mental illness appreciated reading my book to understand better what was happening for their loved one.

The book is now out of print (the paper version) but you can download it (free) by clicking on the image or here.

When I put down my pen from writing the book, it was time to get into the blogging game.  Infinite Sadness… or hope? raised the question of whether there was hope beyond all that I had said in the book.

The daisy is trodden on, bruised, and broken yet survives and recovers. A perfect symbol of hope.

I blogged at Infinite Sadness… or hope? from 2012 to 2017, stopping only in time to pick up the pen again in 2018 with With These Wings.

I hope you’ll have time to check both sites out.