A New Way For Cate Reddell

Welcome to With These Wings. This is my new blog and it takes over from Infinite Sadness… or hope? It’s time for a change. A new way of doing things. We all need a change at times, and I need it more than most.

From today I will be blogging here, so please follow me now.

While Infinite Sadness… or hope? will remain up so that it can be read, it is not my intention to write there anymore. For that reason, I would really appreciate if you could share this new blog on any networks you use.

I have written at Infinite Sadness… or hope? for nearly six years but in the past couple of years I have felt more and more trapped there. There were people who were determined to put me down, and I was having to consider their reactions to everything that I wrote, as well as what I didn’t write. That’s simply not the way to blog, and while it took me a while, I came to the conclusion that blog is finished.


Wings. Why wings? There are two reasons:

Firstly, my favourite quote speaks of flying.

“Come to the edge”, he said. We are afraid.
“Come to the edge”, he said.
They came. He pushed them, And they flew…”

-Guillaume Apollinaire

We, okay I, am often afraid and often I need a nudge in the direction of the cliff edge. When I get that nudge, I find I can fly. I know someone is behind me, encouraging me I fly.

The second reason for the name of this blog comes from my wish for the superpower of being able to fly. Wouldn’t that be great? Whether by plane, parachute or a jetpack fastened to my back, I would love to fly. I love more than anything, flying dreams.

I don’t care for other superpowers. I simply want to fly.

As it is I have another, less spoken about, superpower. It is that I live with chronic illness. Both mental and physical chronic health issues are part of my daily life, and it is truly a superpower to be able to live with them and juggle life together. Imagine what wings could do for chronic illness?

This blog is about me. It is about living with chronic physical and mental illnesses. It is about anything else I see fit to write about.

It is for me. It is a means of expressing myself and if you want to join the journey I would love for you to follow me. If you have a contribution to make to my journey, please make it.

With These Wings will fly. Okay, so maybe it will simply be here for me and for you. I hope that there will be something here for you, and I hope I will discover, as I write, just how to fly in spite of illness.

Thanks for reading





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